Middle Kids

Middle Kids has been tantalising fans for the past two years, releasing  successful singles such as Edge of Town and Mistake which burst with relatable lyrics and catchy choruses. So it is no surprise that the band’s debut record Lost Friends sports much the same glee with blasts of indie rock, elegiac piano ballads and pop-like anthems. The 12-song album starts with Bought It which showcases the strong vocal range of front-woman Hannah Joy underpinned by a gentle hum of acoustic guitar. The album picks up pace with the driving sound of On My Knees, a song about unity which is backed by a punchy percussive beat, before the instruments are stripped back for Hole. The short yet powerful piece starts off with a calm tone of repetitive piano chords, Joy’s legato vocals and subtle, elongated strings and gradually builds to an emotional release which sharply fades back into silence. Alongside the much anticipated unreleased tunes such as Lost Friends and Please are the much loved singles that brought the trio to the surface. While Edge of Town isn’t new, the lonely wail of the slide steel guitar, bouncing drum rhythm and melody about the mess of indecision fits perfectly on the debut album.

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