Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin has mastered the ability to create deceptively delicate music that packs an emotional punch. Her second album, Crushing, embodies every possible meaning of its title and remains true to Jacklin’s sardonic lyrics and sparse and fragile sound. In each of the album’s 10 songs, you can hear every sound - from a slow burning guitar solo to the slightest murmur of Jacklin’s breath. It’s an album that unfolds universal feelings and follows a narrative of intimacy, heartbreak and emotional freedom. Body opens with Julia’s mesmerising vocals over a pulse of drums and faint piano, and blossoms into a unhurried portrait of an intimate breakup. The album then shifts gear into an urgent, driving guitar riff for Head Alone - a powerful anthem of frustration about unsolicited advice and adhering to others’ expectations - before slowing down for Jacklin’s first piano-driven piece, When the Family Flies In. The song, a beautiful elegy about losing a friend, is speckled with moments of incredibly elegant harmonies and deeply expressive lyrics: “There was a silence, weak telephone reception, doesn’t compliment a dark state of mind”. The musical simplicity of the album’s final song, Comfort, shares a relatable vulnerability. With slow-building lyrics only paired with a gentle guitar strum and occasional harmonies, the song is an exquisite reflection on the running emotions of a break-up and is almost as if Jacklin is sharing advice from her personal experience. Despite drawing out incredibly deep emotions, Crushing evolves with incredible ease and reflects a new-found confidence in the strength of Jacklin’s lyrics. 

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