Mac DeMarco


HERE COMES THE COWBOY (Mac’s Record Label)


Mac DeMarco is renowned not only for his calm, conversational tone and unpretentious lyrics but for his goofy sense of humour and sometimes questionable antics. But his new album, the first under his own record label, hints at signs of maturity and growth with refined sounds and simple, complimenting textures and layers. Preoccupied steps away from the giddy guitar effects we have heard in DeMarco’s previous work and instead, narrows down to an acoustic guitar and a simple base line allowing a wave of warmth and radiance to seep through. The singer also dabbles in new textures and layers in songs like Choo Choo –  an unhurried funk with syncopated rhythms and lingering cymbals – and Heart to Heart, a song which oozes placidity with simple, jazz-like piano chords, a subtle recurring percussive rhythm and drifting synth accompaniment. All of Our Yesterdays is for those who appreciate DeMarco’s more traditional sound. It starts with a warbly guitar that dissolves into the brush of an acoustic guitar and embodies easy-going, conversational lyrics that reflect upon memories and lost time. Here Comes the Cowboy proves Demarco can still own his psychedelic, lighthearted sound while adding something fresh and novel. 


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